“I have been teaching cooperative game activities for the last 25 years while being a public school teacher for over 30 years. It was my pleasure to review Cooperative Games for a Cooperative World. Dada has captured the best of the best games for children as well as adults. They combine leadership skills, sharing, communication skills, and problem solving skills all in a single book. I have used these games with all ages and only have had success. They bring out the best human qualities while instilling genuine excitement. I highly recommend this book for educators who want to teach a variety of social/emotional skills for new leaders to succeed in this complicated world.”

– Ed Glassman
Gurukula Network


“This book is a gem – a compelling read for anyone who facilitates small or large groups of children or adults in professional or casual settings (and that includes family meetings at home, parents!) The games are categorized by purpose, and game instructions are clear and concise. Most are accompanied by a photograph example of participants in action from one of the dozens of countries Dada has lived or worked in around the world.
(These cooperative games are universal!) I also appreciate Dada’s wise advice on how to effectively facilitate cooperative games in general, including how to reflect on games meaningfully to increase their impact.

Having the opportunity to work with hundreds of public school teachers and administrators across the US, I’m excited to integrate these cooperative games into all kinds of professional development and team building situations. Thank you, Dada, for creating this catalog of useful tools to facilitate “trust, communication, and spiritual connection” – the world needs this book!

– Sloan McClain


“As a lifelong anthropologist and change agent, I highly recommend this book for all those concerned with personal and social transformation!!!! This book is beautiful and exquisite for several reasons. Finally, we have a book with detailed descriptions that we can easily follow. Secondly, reflection upon what is learned is highly encouraged. Also, this book will help unlock the hidden creativity and innovative thinking of all who join in these exercises. It is also a path to weave together personal transformation with group/community and social transformation.

Activists; teachers; facilitators; youth leaders and youth; drama and art therapists – i suggest that you buy this book and be ready to smile; laugh and dance with others as you find a framework to base true transformative social justice work upon. I guarantee that you will want to pass on this knowledge to your colleagues; fellow activists and closest friends.

The author, Dada Maheshvarananda, is a lifelong dedicated activist who walks the talk. After a lifetime experimenting with the practice of social change and transformation across the world – this book represents the kernels of knowledge and practice gained from many cultures and movements.”

– Matt Oppenheim, PhD
Fellow: Society for Applied Anthropology
Adjunct Professor: Lewis University