Who We Are

Dada Maheshvarananda

Born 1953 in Philadelphia, USA, he was active during college in the protests against the Vietnam War. In 1978 he traveled to India and Nepal where he became a yogic monk and studied the Progressive Utilization Theory (Prout) under its founder, Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. He has taught meditation and organized for social justice for 14 years in Southeast Asia, three years in Europe and 21 years in Brazil and Venezuela.

Author of five books, including After Capitalism: Economic Democracy in Action(InnerWorld, 2012 ) and Cooperative Games for a Cooperative World: Facilitating Trust, Communication and Spiritual Connection (InnerWorld, 2017). He has given hundreds of seminars and workshops around the world at international conferences, colleges, high schools, cooperatives, yoga centers, and prisons about social activism and spiritual transformation. He speaks Portuguese and Spanish as well as English.


 Mirra Price – Publicist and Copy Editor

Mirra Price, M .Ed., (Northern Arizona University) Ed. M. (Harvard) a retired English teacher is  currently a writer, editor, copyeditor and activist. She has worked in several cooperatives, promoted many social justice causes, and has advocated for women’s rights and gender equality since the 1960s. As a member of  Prout (Progressive Utilization Theory), for several decades, she has given workshops and classes on social justice issues and neo-humanist education.   www.mirraedits.comwomenproutists@gmail.com.